Summer Shakespeare’s Silvia

This Summer Shakespeare rendition of “Who Is Silvia?” from Two Gentlemen of Verona was a smash-hit this summer and during the reprise this fall. The actors/singers are Philip Eoute as Thurio, Zach Franzen as Proteus, and Jeffrey Stegall as Launce. The tune was written by Dave McQuaid. The white ukelele was ordered from Hawaii especially […]

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Who Is Silvia?

In a previous post (“Superlative Obscurity”) I mentioned Franz Schubert’s song, “Who Is Silvia?” taken directly from Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona text in Act IV, scene ii. Now, without any further ado, here is Dame Elisabeth Schwarzkopf’s rendition in English. (Watch at your own risk, there are no subtitles here.)

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