Shakespeare Fans

Yesterday someone stopped me at the post office and said, “I can’t wait for this summer’s play. Summer Shakespeare is the reason I love Shakespeare.” Wow. Did that ever make my day! I mean, that’s part of why The Greenville Shakespeare Company and Summer Shakespeare are in existence: to make folks–little ones, big ones, and all the ones in between–fall in love with one of the greatest authors of some of the greatest stories of all time. As designers, actors, technical crew, and director, we’re really just storytellers. And if our story isn’t clear, we haven’t done our jobs.

On June 27 (opening night, if you don’t already know!) get ready to sit back and enjoy this summer’s rendition of Taming of the Shrew, it’s the story of “two raging fires” that “together . . . consume the thing that feeds their fury.” Enter Kate the Curst and Petruchio the, well, Stubborn. They both have a lot to learn.

That lady in the post office and others like her are who we’re thinking about when we conceive our summer plays–from design to script cutting to execution. Summer Shakespeare wants your Shakespeare to be understandable, affordable, and enlightening. Oh, and did I mention fun?

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