William (the Bobblehead) Shakespeare

William Shakespeare BobbleheadSome of you may remember our William Shakespeare bobblehead, the Summer Shakespeare mascot. He’s made appearances in several of our recent plays. He was one of the Russians’ gifts in Love’s Labor’s Lost (’06); he wore a grass skirt in The Tempest (’08); he sported on the windowsill in Two Gentlemen of Verona (’09).

Now he’s back in our 2010 Twelfth Night. In this year’s cameo he is once again presented to a lady (pictured here with David Bean, Count Orsino). And he’s received with, well, just what you might expect a bobblehead to be received with. Smirks. Snorts. Guffaws. Eye-rolls. Will just smiles that enigmatic smile of his and nods to the audience. What a professional.

Who knows where Will might show up next? We only know that he will most likely return somehow, somewhere. He’s a quirky guy. But we’ve grown accustomed to his wobbly little face.

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3 Responses to “William (the Bobblehead) Shakespeare”

  • Ruth M Says:

    Three cheers for Will! I love the “quirky guy” and seeing where he will show up next.
    I certainly enjoy seeing the “wobbly little face” for the past three summers!

  • Donna T. Says:

    And now another round of fun! Where or will Will make yet another of his grand guest appearances? (table centerpiece maybe or cake decoration?)

  • Yorick Says:

    Will will most definitely appear again. I think our audiences might miss the little guy if he didn’t. Or perhaps we’re the ones who would miss him most!

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