Behind the Scenes

gcs-colorThis post is to let you know what GSC is up to during our “off season.” Although we’re not in rehearsals yet, we’re still busy. Here’s a sampling of what’s going on behind the scenes. . .

•September 2009—GSC sponsored the second Brave New World Theatre Workshop, a no-cost workshop, dinner, and an evening of theatre for middle and high school teachers.

•November 2009—GSC partnered with Fuller Normal School to bring 8 students and 2 teachers to a performance of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations sponsored by Bob Jones University.

•December 2009—GSC took five theatre artists to Brashier Middle College High School for a three-day student workshop.

•January 2010—GSC received a generous grant from the Metropolitan Arts Council.

•Coming in March 2010—GSC will offer drama classes at Piano Central Studios for young theatre enthusiasts. (Sign up through Piano Central Studios.)

As we continue to grow and to expand our educational endeavors, outside donations become more and more important. GSC would like to give special thanks to following two local businesses for their generous support in 2009-2010:

Raymond W. Godwin—building happy families through the adoption process for more than twenty years

Piano Central Studios—offering the best musical learning opportunity possible

If you would like more information about GSC’s educational outreaches or would like to become involved by donating, please click here for further details.

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