Where’s Will (the Bobblehead)?

Time for a little Summer Shakespeare trivia. In which Summer Shakespeare production did William Shakespeare aka the Bobblehead first appear? (No fair cheating and reading the earlier blog post, “Memories of Summer Shakespeare.”) If you said Love’s Labor’s Lost (2006), you are correct! He appeared as Rosaline’s love-gift from Berowne. You know, the gift that causes the Princess to ask, “What is it?” following which a chagrined Rosaline answers, “I would you knew” (subtext=because I sure don’t). That summer we sold Shakespeare bobbleheads during intermission until we ran out of them. Our Will was subsequently dragged on by the mechanicals in Midsummer Night’s Dream (2007) and then appeared wearing a grass skirt on the magical island table in Tempest (2008). So where might Will show up in 2009? You’ll have to get your tickets for Two Gentlemen of Verona to find out!

Where do you think Will should show up in Two Gentlemen of Verona? Did you know he’s a collector’s item now?

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