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Crab & Launce

Crab & Launce

Summer Shakespeare’s 10th season is open for business–and audience and cast are all having a lot of fun! The opening weekend of Two Gentlemen of Verona was a success if the comments of those who attended the performances Friday and Saturday nights were any indication. Here’s a sampling of the feedback we’ve received:

“You’ve reached your zenith–I just don’t see how it could get any better.”
“Thank you for an enjoyable evening!”
“We loved the play–but then we always do.”
“You got me: I totally bought into the ending.”
“Loved the dog!”
“What talent! The play was one of the best things I have been to in a long time.”
“I definitely want to see [Two Gentlemen] again this summer.”

Comments like the above are music to our ears. Come see what everyone is talking about and then tell us about your own Summer Shakespeare experience.

If you’ve been to the play already, what was your favorite part? If you could play any role in this play, what would it be?

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