Calling All Dog Lovers

humane-society-logo2Some of you may be wondering about our partnership with the Greenville Humane Society. [Spoiler Alert] If you have already seen Two Gentlemen of Verona, you know that there is a dog in the play. (Crab is the only named animal in Shakespeare!) Knowing this made our director, Jeff Stegall, think that an association with the Greenville Humane Society would be beneficial to both parties. He began discussing the idea with GHS public relations personnel, and voila! the partnership was born. The Greenville Humane Society has kindly given us website and television publicity. (Did you catch our Julia, aka Rebecca Clements, doing the Adopt-a-Pet segment on WYFF Friday afternoon?) The original plan was to use a dog from the GHS for the part of the dog in the play. However, since dogs are continually being adopted (at least that’s the plan), our being able to use the same dog in rehearsals and during the full run of the play became impractical and unlikely. That was when Toby stepped into the part, a role he has performed with distinction. (You can see Toby perform July 3, 4, 6, 17, 18, or 20.)

The mission of The Greenville Humane Society is “to promote and improve the quality of life and humane treatment of animals” (from their website). They are a non-profit organization receiving zero government funding. They annually find homes for over 5000 animals, so they depend on tax-deductible donations from people like you!

Those interested in adopting fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire so that the folks at GHS can try to individually match pets with caring owners. If you’re a potential owner of a friendly dog/cat/other, why not give them a call (242-3626) or stop by 328 Furman Hall Road? Or just click here.

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